Checklist of ISO/IEC 27001-A.12.4.1 Event logging


Effective event logging is crucial for detecting and responding to security incidents. 

It allows organizations to monitor and record important events in their systems, applications, and networks, enabling them to identify and investigate potential security threats. ISO 27001 provides guidelines on event logging and management, as outlined in control A.12.4.1. 

In this article, we will explore the requirements and best practices for event logging and provide a checklist to ensure compliance.

Sample Checklist:

  • Review event logging policies, procedures, practices, and associated records.
  • Ensure that all key systems, including event logging, are being monitored and logged consistently and securely.
  • Identify and document the events or parameters being monitored, and ensure that the logging system is designed and structured appropriately.
  • Check for logging of security-relevant events, including changes to user IDs, permissions and access controls, privileged system activities, successful and unsuccessful access attempts, device identities and locations, network addresses and protocols, software installation, and changes to system configurations.
  • Verify that security incidents are being reported, assessed, and resolved in a timely manner and by the appropriate personnel.
  • Identify who is responsible for reviewing and following-up on reported events
  • Determine how long event logs are retained and ensure that they are stored securely.
  • Establish a process for reviewing and responding appropriately to security alerts from vendors, CERTs, professional interest groups, government sources, etc.
  • Regularly review the event logging process to identify areas for improvement.


Event logging is a critical aspect of information security management. 

It enables organizations to monitor and record important events in their systems, applications, and networks, helping them detect and respond to potential security threats. 

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Compliance with ISO 27001 control A.12.4.1 requires a comprehensive approach to event logging that includes the development of policies and procedures, identifying and monitoring critical systems, and ensuring the timely reporting and resolution of security incidents. 

By using the checklist outlined in this article, organizations can ensure that their event logging practices are effective, efficient, and in compliance with ISO 27001.

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