Checklist of ISO/IEC 27001-A.12.1.1 Documented operating procedures


The implementation of effective and efficient security procedures is crucial in safeguarding an organization’s information and technology assets. 

Documented operating procedures provide a framework for employees to follow, ensuring that critical processes are carried out consistently and securely. 

This article focuses on A.12.1.1 of the ISO 27001 standard, which requires organizations to have documented operating procedures for various IT-related processes. 

We will discuss the importance of this requirement, provide a checklist for reviewing documented procedures, and offer recommendations to ensure that procedures are effectively implemented.

Sample Checklist:

  • Review the general state of procedures for IT operations, systems and network management, incident management, IT security administration, IT and physical security operations, change management, and other relevant areas.
  • Check whether there is a full set of security procedures in place and when they were last reviewed.
  • Assess whether the processes are reasonably secure and well-controlled, with information security aspects appropriately included.
  • Verify that corresponding responsibilities are clearly assigned to roles and individuals, along with training, exercises, etc.
  • Evaluate the documented management and/or operational procedures for change, configuration, release, capacity, performance, problem, incident, backups and archives, media handling, logs and audit trails, alarms and alerts, and operational security.
  • Look for evidence confirming that the procedures are routinely reviewed and maintained, authorized/mandated, circulated, and used.
  • Sample and assess high-risk or known problematic procedures more thoroughly.


Having documented operating procedures in place is essential for organizations to ensure that critical processes are carried out consistently and securely. 

A.12.1.1 of the ISO 27001 standard outlines the requirements for such procedures, and our checklist provides a starting point for organizations to assess the effectiveness of their procedures. 

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It is crucial to regularly review and maintain these procedures, train employees on their implementation, and monitor their effectiveness.

 With the right approach, documented operating procedures can help organizations achieve their security objectives and protect their information and technology assets.

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